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Get exclusive access to the highest quality lenses in the market today.

Lens materials can help provide sun resistance, and no-glare and scratch-resistant lenses protect your eyes. You'll love the added protection available with every lens type.

Amazing materials

- Crizal no glare   -BlueTeck Lenses

- Transitions       - High Definition

- Varilux progressive     - Polarized lenses

- Computer lenses     - And more

Our lenses include:

We offer superior products such as Crizal no-glare lenses, which are scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. Since the product is embedded into the lens, it will last much longer than a normal scratch-resistant coating.


VARILUX by Esssilor. A leader in progressive technology, they developed the first pair of progressive lenses in 1959.


We offer Shamir office lenses - these lenses allow you to work for extended periods of time in front of your computer, helping to reduce eye strain.


Enjoy wider areas of clarity in the reading to intermediate viewing areas with high definition lenses. These lenses offer enhanced viewing for your handheld digital devices, like smartphones or tablets.


BlueTeck lenses provide blue light protection allowing the safest most comfortable vision possible.

Superior care and products

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